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When celebrations are in order: an epochal ruling and a tomato and provolone risotto

The saying goes that everyone is entitled to their opinion. I do not completely agree. I think that everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as it is respectful and mindful of the fact that other people’s opinion may … Continue reading

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Introducing TDPC – Francesca

Originally posted on The Dinner Party Collective:
Hello everyone! My name is Francesca and I think I can be considered a very late bloomer in the kitchen. Until a few years ago, my interests and passions lied in anything but food: career,…

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When conversations get surreal: potato and saffron soup with pancetta croutons

A couple of days ago Stefano was getting ready to go to work and he told me that I must have done something wrong with the laundry because his pants felt tighter. Now, you can tell me anything (because any … Continue reading

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Have I been chopped? Speck, Pea Shoots and Marsala Meatballs

Don’t you get tired to always cook the same dishes? During the last years, I have mastered some recipes that have become my signature dishes. I always have the essential ingredients for them in my refrigerator and I can cook them with my … Continue reading

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Scenes From an Italian Wedding and Bacon-Wrapped Cauliflower and Broccoli Florets

Hello there! Long time no talk and no cook! 🙂 My personal photographer has been buried alive in the office, working long exhausting hours, and I have been busy with a … home project that is taking more than I … Continue reading

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A second chance: asparagus and pancetta baked pasta

8 Servings High school is over in our neck of the woods and last week we went to a graduation party of the son of one of our neighbors. High school graduation ceremonies, proms and parties are totally new to us. In … Continue reading

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Who said routines are boring? Meatloaf “en croute”

Hello there! Long time no talk. I hope this finds you all well and enjoying this warm, glorious weather. My house is finally empty (as in, no more guests!) and I was longing for this to happen. Don’t get me wrong: having family around … Continue reading

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Warming up: Broccoli soup

2 Servings  Here we are again! Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away and there are so many things to do if you have the blessing/curse to wear the hostess’s apron! 😉 As most of you may know, Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Mint and zucchini tagliatelle: Italian beauty!

2 Servings Hello everyone! 🙂 Let me thank a couple of people before I share this wonderful recipe with all of you. First: the photo setting. Do not get any fancy idea. The red roses are not from Stefano. The … Continue reading

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The artichoke quest and the marriage with saffron linguine

4 Servings Artichokes are my favorite vegetables. I would eat them from breakfast to dinner (sort of…)! When I moved to our neck of the woods, I started testing the quality of the local vegetables and I have to admit that … Continue reading

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