Flora’s Table New Column: Stuff We Like

FrancescaMy birthday is coming up and, for the first time in my life, I do not feel like that day should have been declared a public holiday. I guess it’s the inevitable aging process… it’s taking a toll, not really on my mind (that still feels VERY young) but on my face and my body for sure. I scrutinize them every day and… haven’t you noticed that mirrors are the honestiest friends we can ever have? They never lie to you, although sometimes you may not like what they are telling you 😉

Anyway, as the famous saying goes “age is a state of mind” and, therefore, I have decided to give myself a birthday present to spice that state of mind up a little. Yup, a brand new Flora’s Table column – too pretentious? Maybe! 😉

So, what’s this all about? Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

I would like to share with you, dear readers, more than recipes and cooking tips. I would like to talk to you about a few other things I really feel passionate about, such as table settings, candles, china and glassware, flowers, books, fashion accessories and everything else I categorize under the label “beautiful” (according to my taste, of course!)

I’m not done yet. Please bear with me a little longer, will you?  During the past four months of blogging, I happened to meet some extraordinary people. I’m not just talking about artists here (although, to me, anyone with artistic talent is extraordinary) but also about “mere mortals” 🙂 with a je ne sais quoi (a great sense of humor, deep sensibility, enchanting writing skills, thorough knowledge of history, you name it) whose posts make me laugh, think from a different perspective, enrich my knowledge or simply touch my heart (yes, I do have one too, deep inside… according to my doctor at least!)

All the above to say that on future posts I’ll be also talking about those blogs or posts that I enjoy the most.

Now, I realize that some of you may be like: “Has she lost her mind completely? When we clicked the famous ‘follow’ or RSS button, we did it because we wanted to follow a food and wine blog and now what? What does she think she is doing?”

BUT, do not despair! Flora’s Table came to be as a food and wine blog, and will stay the course. There will not be any radical change, let’s just say that once in a while I will take a little detour from my cooking-land and indulge myself in something that is not going to end up on my hips 😉

Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion so if you feel like this new column does not belong here, feel free to let me know through the comment section, but I really hope you are going to be on my side and grant me some latitude here 😉

Ah, I almost forgot. Sometimes I *might* let Stefano contribute to this column too, but we are still negotiating the terms and so far it doesn’t look too good for him 😉

Have a wonderful week!


About Francesca

I am a cook and the founder and art director of Flora's Table, the fine cooking and wine blog. Check us out at www.florastable.com :-)
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32 Responses to Flora’s Table New Column: Stuff We Like

  1. What a fun and creative new idea! I absolutely LOVE the idea of you sharing some additional non-cooking related posts with us! Looking forward to the first installation 🙂

  2. I love the idea and really look forward to your posts. Happy Birthday (in advance) and I know exactly what you mean about the aging process.

  3. It all sounds very exciting, can’t wait! e …. Buon Compleanno!

  4. zanzanaglob says:

    It is a good idea! The way you look at food is the way you look at life, so talking about other things can help your project. Be careful anyway, as it is very easy for a blog to become a mess, as I know very well 🙂 Don’t pay too much attention to the mirror! Buon compleanno 🙂

  5. I am not sure how far away your birthday is but wishing you (in advance) a very Happy Birthday. And wishing you lots of luck with your new column. 😉

  6. I like this idea! Variety is indeed the spice of life. As to “aging”, let’s just say I have chosen to accept it and see it as a positive: I am smarter, more confident, and ready to jump forward into all kind of great and exciting new things. I wish you the best on your journey.

  7. ciao! luvFAB idea.

  8. milkandbun says:

    That’s really a good idea! Why not?! looking forward to read your beauty-posts!
    And have a fabulous Birthday Day!

  9. I thunk your new column is a fabulous idea, Flora.

  10. Oops, I “think”…

  11. Goodness, forgive my sloppiness, it’s early. On top of a typo, I also called you “Flora.” Let me try that one more time….I think your new column is a fabulous idea, Francesca.

  12. ChgoJohn says:

    Have a very happy birthday and good luck with the new column. I’m sure it will be very well-received.

  13. Sofia says:

    It’s a lovely idea! And Happy Birthday! 🙂

  14. Sarah says:

    Yay!! I can’t wait! Having you and Stefano as blogger buddies these last few months has been so fun and has truly enriched my experience in the blogosphere. It will be awesome to have another column from you. I’ll be looking forward to it! xo

  15. Can I be all mushy here for a second? I am just so glad i found your blog. Smiley face. I have a perma smile the whole time i read it. Honestly Francesca, by just reading what you write and the way you write it I bet you are just as beautiful or even more so. So raise a glass of that delicious wine Stefano always talks about and say cheers to getting older! I think it is a blessing and I look very much forward to your column. Cheers, kimberly.

  16. Great idea! And here’s my advice regarding mirrors (I know how much people like advice…) Buy a magnifying mirror. I use one for my makeup and it’s terrifying – but when I look into a regular mirror right afterwards, I look yen years younger immediately 🙂

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