Introducing TDPC – Stefano

This is a post that got published a few days ago on The Dinner Party Collective (by the way, check that blog out if you have not yet – it is really pretty cool, if you ask me). It is my intro to the community on that blog. I am going to reblog it over here as it includes a few bits and pieces of information that might be of interest to some of the FsT readers too 😉

The Dinner Party Collective

Hey there!Stefano-350px

My name is Stefano and I truly believe that pursuing our own passions is one of the greatest pleasures in life and every minute spent developing and enjoying them is totally worth it!

I spend most of my time (too much time, if you ask me! 😉 ) in a high-pressure, very demanding line of work but my two passions lie in wine and photography, which happen to be both relevant for the exciting project that graceful and talented Margot from the elegant Gather & Graze blog was kind enough to get me involved with.

How does the old saying go? Wine is thicker than water! Oh well! Maybe not exactly like that, but absolutely true in my case! I was born and raised in Italy (although I have been living on the US East Coast for the last 10 years) and wine has always been deeply rooted…

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About Stefano

I am a photographer and an ISA certified sommelier. I contribute to two blogs, Flora's Table (the fine cooking and wine blog - and Clicks & Corks (my photography and wine blog - My photography Web site is at
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3 Responses to Introducing TDPC – Stefano

  1. I really am so grateful that you’re part of this team Stefano! 🙂 Cheers, Margot

  2. The post is a most interesting read. 😉

  3. You guys have gone famous! This site is unbelievable. A lady I work with book marked it. She’s a recipe hound.

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