Embrace your beauty

Before my pregnancy, I thought I had the perfect body. I was very proud of it and I insensitively had little compassion for girls and women who struggled with theirs.
Today that body is gone, I struggle with the current version of it every day, especially when I go through a whole closet of clothes that don’t fit me anymore (and will never fit me again), and I avoid the scale like a plague. Today I’m one of those women.
My Italian blogger friend Chiara knows women’s bodies very well. She is a stylist and works with them every day. However, her latest post is not about the last collection of a super trendy designer or the latest, coolest accessory that you must have in your closet (her blog is fabulous by the way, but it is not the point of this post!)
Her post is about something more universally important, that is self-respect for the female body: one subject that I believe should matter to every woman on the planet.
Please go to Chiara’s blog, take a look at the video and consider spreading the word. Take notice though that the video contains brief partial nudity, so viewer discretion is advised.
Have a wonderful week!
F. Xx

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0 thoughts on “Embrace your beauty

  1. laurasmess

    Oh Francesca. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt snapshot of your own journey as a woman. I’m at the opposite end of the journey, I like my body the way it is and as Aaron and I plan to perhaps have a child in the next couple of years, I am a little afraid that I won’t like myself afterwards! Thank you for sharing this wonderful video. It’s something that all women can benefit from! Hugs to you, beautiful Francesca xx

    1. Francesca Post author

      Don’t be afraid. I have seen women with three, four children (including my mother!) with amazing bodies afterwards. I don’t think there is a secret diet and/or exercise routine that can make you magically bounce to what you were. They can help you of course but it’s all about good genes and a great metabolism. Everything comes with a price and, in my case, the price for her majesty was my skinny body. Let me tell how I made it work for me.
      When I was your age, motherhood was not even an option. I thought I had it all: money, a great career, a husband and a family that loved me, a glamorous life.
      When we finally decided to bring her majesty into this world, I had done lots of the things I wanted to do back then so changing my life for her never felt like a sacrifice. Never, not even once, during the past seven years, I felt like I gave up my dreams to be a mother. The only thing that I had to give up was … my “size”. A small price after all in exchange of a little, perfect, healthy, wonderful body. So when I go through the designers’ clothes of my past life and a little bit of sadness comes over me, I try to think how beautifully they will fit her majesty one day and I feel immediately better.
      Children do change your life for the better.
      We’ll talk about that again … maybe in a couple of years.
      Have a wonderful rest of the week.
      F. Xx

      1. laurasmess

        Oh, thank you so much for this beautiful reply Francesca! You are so right, having a wonderful little person in your life is indeed a gift, and a miraculous one at that. I do think that other more superficial concerns would fade away when thinking about the blessing of having a child… and I am so glad that you and Stefano now share the joy of bringing up her majesty! I love reading about your parenting adventures πŸ™‚ And yes, I will definitely let you know if anything changes from this end. You will be amongst the first to know! xx

  2. apuginthekitchen

    Yes thank you Francesca for sharing this powerful post/video from Chiara. A very important message for women and I hope she is able to raise the necessary funding for her film. You are beautiful, don’t ever think you are not.