Frittata Primavera – Recommended Wine Pairing

Cantina Terlano, Alto Adige Terlano Sauvignon "Quarz" DOCWell, it has been quite a while since our last food pairing post, so time to catch up on things…

Today we will pair Francesca’s frittata primavera with a proper wine.

As we did in the past, we will base our choice on the ISA wine paring criteria: should you have missed my post about them, you may refer to it to get a better idea of what these are.

We will therefore start by identifying the main qualities of the food we want to pair a wine with, which in the case of the frittata are: latent sweetness, fatness, some greasiness and latent acidity due to the use of tomatoes; also, we can classify Francesca’s frittata as a dish with medium structure.

St. Michael Eppan, Alto Adige Sauvignon "Sanct Valentin" DOCAs we know, using the ISA wine pairing criteria, these qualities are going to dictate the corresponding characteristics that we want our wine to possess, which are (in the same orider as above): good acidity, tastiness/minerality, decent ABV and smoothness, plus the wine we seek should be medium-bodied or thereabouts.

In light of these desired characteristics, our choice has fallen on a Sauvignon Blanc. In an effort to spread the knowledge that Italy also produces quality wines from international varieties, we will focus our recommendations on a few Italian 100% Sauvignon Blancs that are definitely worth trying out, if you have a chance:

Cantina Terlano, Alto Adige Terlano Sauvignon “Quarz” DOC, a delicious wine that ages for 9 months on its lees (partly in steel vats and partly in wood barrels) and boasts a pleasing bouquet of citrus, Granny Smith apple, exotic fruit, herbs and minerals

Vie di Romans, Friuli Isonzo Rive Alte Sauvignon "Piere" DOCSt. Michael Eppan, Alto Adige Sauvignon “Sanct Valentin” DOC, a very good wine from the winery’s flagship “Sanct Valentin” line, that ages for 6 months on its lees (88% in steel vats and 12% in wood barrels) and has fine aromas of citrus, grapefruit, white flowers, herbs and iodine notes

Vie di Romans, Friuli Isonzo Rive Alte Sauvignon “Piere” DOC, a wonderful Sauvignon Blanc made of grapes harvested from a vineyard with an excellent density of 6,000 vines/HA that ages for 7 months on its lees in steel vats and seduces the senses with a captivating bouquet of lemon, tangerine, sage, almond and minerals

Manincor, Alto Adige Sauvignon “Lieben Aich” DOC, a very interesting wine that undergoes spontaneous fermentation through the use of natural yeasts, ages on its lees for ten months in oak barrels and has elegant aromas of citrus, exotic fruit, herbs, white flowers and minerals

Manincor, Alto Adige Sauvignon "Lieben Aich" DOCVilla Russiz, Collio Sauvignon “De La Tour” DOC, an elegant wine that ages for 7 months on its lees in steel vats and possesses a complex bouquet of apple, kiwi, white flowers, citrus, herbs and iodine notes.

Enjoy, and as always, if you happen to try out any of these wines,  let me know how you like them!

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0 thoughts on “Frittata Primavera – Recommended Wine Pairing

  1. thebestdressup

    ciao! great recommendations. just got back from an interesting trip in canada and discovered the wines from ontario. quite a long list of delicious whites…a discovery. will make the frittata recipe.
    great post.

  2. Just Add Attitude

    I have just looked back at Francesca’s recipe for frittata primavera. I rarely make frittata – it’s not in the culinary cannon here, but I think I might have a go at making a winter version as I am eating light at the moment and a frittata might just be the thing to fit the bill. Thanks Stefano for the list of Sauvignon Blanc options to go with the primavera version. Best wishes B. 😉

    1. Stefano Post author

      Thank you, B: if you think about it, after all frittata is but a revisited version of the widely accepted, mainstream omelette (I know Francesca will probably kill me for saying that, but…) 😉
      So, I think you should give it a shot and challenge the canon, because I tell you, it is good! 🙂
      Also, glad you liked my recommended pairings!
      All the best 🙂

  3. ChgoJohn

    I so enjoy these posts, Stefano. Sure, the suggestions are great but I like that your recommendations refer back to a standard, the ISA wine pairing criteria. It gives me a basis for making future wine pairing decisions. Thank you.

    1. Stefano Post author

      Thank you very much, John: your words really make my day, because that’s the whole idea behind my wine pairing recommendations. Personally, I find certain pairing suggestions that simply say “pair this wine with that food – you’ll see, they taste great together” a little shallow, because they do not explain how they got there and if you (the reader) are not taught a method, how can you then replicate a successful pairing with different foods and wines? That’s why I think you need a method and criteria to base your decisions on – and that is what I hope that a few people will pick up from my posts, so they can later experiment on their own taking at least some of the guesswork out of the game.
      So, thank you very much for saying that! 🙂

  4. Heather (Sweet Precision)

    One of the things I love about your wine pairings is how they always bring back memories of Francesca’s lovely dishes! Matt and were discussing making a frittata for friends we are having over for brunch. Now we can consider making the perfect wine pairing to go along!

    1. Stefano Post author

      Thank you, Heather: yes, I try to connect them to Francesca’s recipes as much as I can. I have fallen a little bit behind of late, but over time I will catch up! 😉
      I am glad that my recommendations may have inspired your wine pairing choices! 🙂

  5. apuginthekitchen

    This is so funny, not your post but I was just thinking today I would like to know what wine to serve with a frittata, Now I know, your reviews are great as always, I am particularly interested in trying Mannincor, I have to find it. I love the idea of spontaneous fermentation, it sounds so interesting, Thanks for great recommendations.