Daily Archives: October 31, 2012

It’s Still Halloween After All

This year an unexpected (and definitely unwelcome) guest decided to show up in our neck of the woods: Hurricane Sandy.

Sandy brought wreckage, misery and devastation to coastal New England and more in general to the East Coast of the United States, in which regard our hearts go out to all those who suffered losses, damages or worse as a result.

And yet, we could not let Sandy ruin our daughter’s plans to somehow celebrate Halloween, considering especially that Sandy caused the Halloween Parade to be canceled and made trick or treating tonight highly unlikely due to widespread power losses, dangling electrical wires and plenty of fallen trees. So, I at least made for her my personal take of Halloween treats: peach and apricot crostata with pumpkin decorations and blueberry/blackberry mini tarts! Plus, my daughter wanted to add her personal touch, which she described in her words as “a candy salad”! 🙂

Happy Halloween to all the kids out there from all of us at Flora’s Table!