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Clicks & Corks: the blogosphere keeps growing…

FrancescaHi Everyone!
Hope everyone on the East Coast is safe and warm. As far as we are concerned, Stefano has been shoveling a lot of snow yesterday…
Let me immediately say that this is not a proper post, but rather sort of an announcement. It will be very short and totally harmless, though 😉
Stefano has decided to also “fly solo” and has opened another blog! The name of his blog is Clicks & Corks. Any idea what his blog is all about? Anyone?… 😉
Well, it’s a blog about light and shadow and the obsession which any photographer has to live with: capturing the right moment.
His blog is also about his other passion. No, it’s not me because it is something that gets better with aging 😉
Yeah, you got it: wine, that magic, delicious liquid that seems to cure it all. 🙂
Just to be clear: this does not mean that Flora’s Table will lose its wine section. All the wine pairing recommendation will keep being published on Flora’s Table only and all the other wine-related posts (wine education, wine reviews and wine-related events) will be published both on Flora’s Table and Clicks & Corks.
Now, I won’t keep rambling on listing all the wonderful reasons why you should go check his blog out. In light of the”nature” of our relationship, it would not be appropriate and, if you know me, you would think that an alien took control of myself…
Well, whenever you have some time to spare, please go check it out and if you like what you see, do whatever you feel like doing (follow, like,  leave a comment or… none of the above!)
Have a wonderful Sunday!

OT: The Mind's Cabin, An Intellectually Stimulating New Blog

Just like our headline goes, we thought it would be worthwhile briefly veering off topic  to pay homage to and give our readers heads up about a newborn blog by the name of The Mind’s Cabin which we have been following since inception, enjoying every minute we spent on it.

The Mind’s Cabin is the creation of Anonymous Host, a Nemo of the blogosphere (just to make things clear: by that we don’t allude to the Disney fish, but the name that Odysseus gave of himself to the Cyclops Polyphemos in the Odissey) who masterfully combines a little mystery and lots of wit and intellectually stimulating ideas in the cyber outlet that he has chosen to share and express his views on life and the world in general.

We think it’s definitely worth taking a look and participating in the discussion. You can check it out at: http://themindscabin.wordpress.com/

Happy reading!