So little time in the kitchen: peach and chocolate chips mini tarte tatins

Mini peach tarte tatinsHello everyone!

Hope you are having a glorious summer!

As a food blogger, I know I’m expected to share recipes, tips and culinary adventures that I have experienced during my stay in Italy, but I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed … or maybe not! 😉

As I said on several occasion, cooking is just one of my passions. There are so many other things I tremendously enjoy. One of these things is resuming my royal role of daughter every time I go back to my country. 🙂

You see, I was a very lucky, spoiled girl who never had to deal with any domestic chore for as long as I lived at home with my parents. When I left that house to play the role of an independent woman and a wife, I realized that real life was quite different from the one I was used to and it was kind of shocking to me but that’s another story! 😉

Anyway, truth to be told I can count on the fingers of one hand the times I entered my mother’s kitchen to cook something during my stay.

I happen to have made the recipe I am going to share with you today during one of those miraculous times (as my mom likes to put it! 😉 ).

It was a Saturday of a very hot Italian summer and I had terrific plans for the day: taking Her Majesty to her swimming class, having lunch on the terrace of the yacht club and spending the entire afternoon on the beach reading, swimming and sun bathing. That morning I was daydreaming in my bed when my mother announced me that she had invited twelve guests for dinner that night and asked me if I could take care of the dessert.

Now, you can understand my predicament! I didn’t want to change my plans, not even a bit, but I didn’t feel like not helping my mom either. While brushing my teeth (I get a lot of ideas brushing my teeth 😉 ), the thought of a very simplified version of mini tarte tatins came to my rescue.

These little treats are very easy to make, even ahead of time if you have a busy day, and they look and taste wonderful. The combination of peach and chocolate is one of my favorites and I still have to meet a human being that doesn’t go for it.

So how did it go? Dinner was scheduled for 9:00pm (yup, that’s how we roll at my parents’ house!). I came back from the beach late afternoon and I had plenty of time to make the tarte tatins and be ready to help my mother serve the aperitivo to her guests. Our guests devoured the mini tarte tatins and I had exactly the day that I planned. In other words, those little beauties saved my day and, hopefully, they may do the same for you! 🙂

Mini peach tarte tatins


1 sheet frozen puff pastry, thawed
2 peaches
1/3 Cup, chocolate chips
1 Cup, confectioner’s sugar
1 yolk
1 Tbsp, milk
Confectioner’s sugar for dusting


Preheat oven to 325 degrees F.

Place some parchment paper on a baking sheet.

Peel the peaches, slice them and set them aside.

Mini peach tarte tatinsLay the sheet of pastry on a floured surface and roll over so that you have a smooth sheet. Following the same technique to make linzer cookies, with a large round cookie cutter (of course you can pick the shape you like best), cut the pastry into rounds and place half of the rounds on the parchment paper. Using a smaller round cookie cutter, cut out the center from the other half of the rounds, put the outer edges of the circles aside and discard the centers as scrap. Combine such scraps, roll and cut again until you have used all your pastry.

In a small bowl, whisk the yolk and the milk.

In a non stick pot, combine sugar and about 1 Tbsp of water to make caramel. Bring the mixture to boil and cook until the mixture has thickened and turned amber in color.

Using a spoon (be careful because the caramel is very hot and it’s super easy to get burnt), place some caramel on the pastry solid rounds and add a couple of peach slices and some chocolate chips on top of the caramel.

Press the circle cut rounds on top of the solid ones and brush the edges with the egg wash.

Bake for about 20 minutes or until the tarte tatins are golden brown.

Remove them from the oven and let them cool. Dust the tarte tatins with some confectioner’s sugar before serving them.

I’m heading over to Italy again this weekend. My first cousin is getting married and, according to my aunt, this wedding will be remembered as much as that of William & Kate. 😉 Plus, after two months of vacation, it is time for Her Majesty to come back home in time for the first day of school.

I wish you all to enjoy the rest of August. Talk to you soon,

F. Xx

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0 thoughts on “So little time in the kitchen: peach and chocolate chips mini tarte tatins

  1. Fig & Quince

    What a delicious post! I can’t resist a good tart tatine and the combo of peach and chocolate makes me tremble (in a good way, he heh) and I savored every word and you had me smiling and chuckling at every other sentence. It tickled me to read that you were catching up on some bed lounging time and I share your talent of coming up with ideas while brushing my teeth! You know how much I’m partial to you but I have a feeling that I would also fall head over head madly in love with your mom. She seems amazing & I love getting these tantalizing tidbits about your life in Italy. I wish you would write an entire book about it. (Seriously.) Hope the wedding went beautifully and oh, how I wish you’d share some stories about that as well!

    ps Your post is making me super wistful though that summer is practically over!

    1. Francesca Post author

      Thank you, my dear! Yes, your personality is strong enough to be able to handle her. 😉 I don’t know why but all my closest friends end up adoring my mother and, believe me, she is anything but adorable! 😉 I think strong personalities charm people in their own way no matter what!
      Seriously? I don’t think people would be that interested but I’m kind of writing a little report about the wedding …

  2. laurasmess

    Stunning Francesca! Ah, I am so glad that you guys had a wonderful time in Italy (eating and otherwise!). Aaron and I only just left Italy last week (my first visit!) and I am still dreaming of the amazing porchetta, bread and gelato! Plus, I do think that Italians are some of the loveliest people around 😉 Back to this wonderful post! I love everything about it… You are hilarious and I love the way you write! I’ve never tried peach and chocolate together before but I can’t wait to try this. Hugs to you, Stefano and her majesty! Xxx

    1. Francesca Post author

      Laura? Seriously? Porchetta in August? Oh well! As they used to say “de gustibus non disputandum est”! 😉
      I’m glad you enjoyed my country and “my people”. Yes, we like to live in the memories of the people who visit us! 🙂
      Thank you so much for your kind words! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    1. Francesca Post author

      Thank you very much, Margot! Ah winter! I hate winters! I cannot breath and I cannot think. I wish I could hibernate! Of course, in total contradiction with the fact that Christmas is my favorite holiday ever! 🙂

      Have a wonderful, peaceful weekend!

  3. Dina

    They sure look extremely delicious, Francesca – peach and chocolate sounds like a wonderful combination! You are a woman of many talents, that’ s quite obvious! 🙂 We love to read your short stories, they are lighthearted and good fun. And Stefano presents your work in a mouthwatering way. I wish I had a few, alright then, only two…, in my little bag right now as Selma and myself are heading for the airport. 😉
    Have a great ending August.
    Lots of love and big hugs to the whole family,

    1. Francesca Post author

      I’m so happy that my little silly stories can bring a smile to your face. Of course, they are nothing compared to your wonderful, super educated and super informative posts but I’m glad you think they can be entertaining. Thank you so much for you kind words. Enjoy your time with Klausbernd.
      Till next time.
      F. Xx

  4. Fae's Twist & Tango

    Francesca, I wonder who Her Majesty takes after? 😉 I would devour the mini tarte tatins as fast as I can too! Sefano’s photography is awesome! Have a great time at the wedding in Italy. If allowed, I would love to see the wedding photos. At least of the cake?

    1. Francesca Post author

      Thank you, Anatoli! Unfortunately, my personal photographer is never around and, even when he is, he is really busy with … his legal stuff. 😉 Hopefully, we’ll do better in the future.
      Talk to you when I’m back! 🙂
      F. Xx

  5. apuginthekitchen

    Wow Francesca, those look like they could be from a fine French Patisserie. Beautiful and I love the peach and chocolate combination. just beautiful!! They look so beautiful and Stefano’s photo’s are amazing as well.

  6. Francesca Post author

    Now, you are way too flattering, Heather! I wish I could come up with a plan and such a result every time I need one! Let’s say everything went well that time. Yes, that feeling is priceless and unique and every woman should have it. Thank you very much, Heather!
    P.S.: my mother is never impressed by my cooking skills! Ever! 🙂

  7. Heather @ Sweet Precision

    Oh Francesca, only you could come up with such a creative and delicious looking dessert spur of the moment! I know the feeling of being spoiled when you go back home and resume to the role of being a daughter 🙂 I’m sure your mother was more than impressed. I hope you enjoy your upcoming travels and wedding, what fun to be back in Italy so soon again!

  8. sabine

    Hi Francesca, spoiled or not, you must ´ve learned your kitchen lessons – other than that, you were´t able to come up with such a great recipe! These tartlets are such an amazing invention! I´ll surely try them!

    1. Francesca Post author

      Thank you so much, Sabine! I have to say that I’m relatively new to the culinary art and my kitchen lessons seems countless and endless. However, isn’t it the same in anything else in life? 🙂

  9. mmmarzipan

    They look and sound absolutely amazing, Francesca!
    I too was spoiled as a girl and when I left home any “domestic” skills I needed to cope with the realities of independent life were sorely lacking. What I know, I have taught myself… although my mum’s ability to improvise in the kitchen (she is a really good cook!) is something I have hopefully inherited and am starting to nurture these days.
    Beautiful work! And enjoy the wedding! xxxx

    1. Francesca Post author

      How wonderful! Wasn’t that great? Being a spoiled girl with not a care in the world? I’ll never be grateful enough to my parents for allowing me to live all those years with that kind of serenity. Life as an adult can be very complicated and I cherish those memories.
      Let me tell you that your “self-teaching sessions” are taking you and your lovely blog to marvelous places. 🙂 Thank you! MM!

  10. Just Add Attitude

    Hello Francesca,

    The day you had mapped out before your mother asked you to make desert for her dinner guests sound pretty, no, totally idyllic, so I am glad you didn’t have to cancel your plans. The mini tarte tatins look divine.

    Every good wish to you for the rest of August. I hope you have a wonderful time at your cousin’s wedding. 😉 Bxx

    1. Francesca Post author

      Thank you, Amanda! Jokes aside, if you want to stay in shape and eat healthy, there is no choice; you must learn cooking … at least the basics.
      But you know, in my parents’ home everything was done and is still done old fashion from cooking to ironing, to cleaning. Let’s say that back then, I had my “Downton Abbey days” and oh boy do I miss them sometimes! 🙂