FsT Wine: A Few Updates and New Features

StefanoOver the last weeks I have added a few new features, updates and enhancements to the wine-related part of Flora’s Table that I hope readers will find helpful in navigating the growing content of the blog. Below is a summary of what’s new:

1. As requested by several readers, I have added symbol-based quality ratings and pricing information to all reviewed wines based on a scale from 1 to 5

2. I have added a new page that explains the quality ratings and pricing symbols

3. I have added a new index page with links to all reviewed wines, breaking them down by country and type and indicating their symbol-based rating and price point

4. I have slightly revisited the format of my wine reviews, moving my conclusions about the wine and its rating to the top of the post so if someone just wants to read the short of it, they can do so right away without having to scroll down to the end of the post – of course, those who enjoy learning more about the producer, the varieties, the appellation and how the wine did in my detailed ISA-compliant tasting, they can still do so by reading on!

5. I have created a new page listing those reviewed wines that in my view have the best quality to price ratio in the pricing bands (i) $20 and below and (ii) $21 to $40

6. I have updated the Grape Variety Archive with several new varieties: take the time to check them out!

That’s all for now: hope you find these changes helpful.

Any comment, new feature request or feedback is always welcome through the comment section below!

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0 thoughts on “FsT Wine: A Few Updates and New Features

  1. Just Add Attitude

    Well done Stefano, the new features enhances the blog and I suspect they took some considerable time to put together. I particularly like the index page with links to all the wines you have reviewed. With good wishes from B. 😉

  2. Dina

    The new features look great, well done, Stefano! Hope you are fine, that Sofia is growing up nicely and behaving well and giving you lots of fond affection. Can your little princess handle her?
    Big hug, Dina

  3. apuginthekitchen

    I love all the new features especially the index page the only additional thing I would love is an app for my smart phone, that way I could access your recommendations on my phone when I am in the wine store, I write things down but think an app would be great, I would buy it!!!