Wine App Review: Winery Passport

Last week, Scott, the developer of a brand new wine-related app, reached out to me to let me know about the roll out and to ask me whether I would download it and give it a spin and, if I liked it, whether I would write a review.

So, as you are reading this, you may already guess that I did download it and I did like it 😉

But let’s start from the beginning: the app is called Winery Passport (WP).


Before we get more into it, note that you may have an interest in this app provided that you (i) are into wine (of course!), (ii) live in or plan a wine-focused trip to the USA, and (iii) at least for now, are iOS based.

Now, what exactly does WP do? Essentially, WP is (or will soon be) a database of all the wineries in the US coupled with a cool GPS feature that shows the wineries that are closest to wherever you are, ordering them from closest to farthest away and showing you how far you are from each of them. Alternatively, you can also browse or search the entire winery archive, that is broken down by State.

Either way, whenever you select a winery, WP shows you its address and gives you a few options, including taking you to the winery’s Web site, connecting to Google Maps so you can get driving directions from wherever you are to the winery with one click, or even call the winery directly from within the app.

Screenshot1Thanks to these two different modes, WP’s features come in handy whether you have a sudden urge to discover and visit a winery near you, regardless of where in the US you are, or you are planning a trip to a US wine region and want to chart your route based on where the various wineries of the area are located or their average rating. Pretty cool, and all at your fingertip.

But there’s more. WP also a “passport” part that keeps track of the wineries that you visit, lets you rate them and take notes and even syncs with Facebook and Twitter so you can share your experience with other WP users. Neat idea.

And in case you are wondering how much downloading WP is going to set you back, well no sweat and click that download button as it is a free app!

Screenshot3Now, although WP is fully functioning and sleek looking, here are a few things to bear in mind:

1. The winery database is still a work in progress: to date, there’s almost 1000 wineries in 17 States, all on the East Coast so far (so, no California yet), that have been uploaded already, but they are quite obviously not all. Scott is working to add more and eventually map all 50 States out, but it is a huge task and it is going to take a while. Scott anticipates getting to 25 States by August.

2. So far, WP is only for the iPhone or iPod Touch. I asked Scott whether he planned to also develop a version for the iPad and he said that it would be rolled out later on, as right now completing the winery census is understandably his priority.


3. Regarding Android: I asked and Scott said once the iOS version is completed, with all the wineries uploaded, he would look into making an Android version, so Android users sit tight and hold on as no hope is lost! 🙂

Wrapping things up: I really like the idea behind WP and its implementation: the app is sleek, simple and yet very effective… and it’s free! I can’t wait for the full-screen version for the iPad to be released!

Rating: Very Good and recommended

Thank you, Scott, for developing such a cool app, making it available for free and giving me heads up about it!

For more information about WP, visit the developer’s Web site. You can download WP from Apple’s App Store or by clicking here.

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0 thoughts on “Wine App Review: Winery Passport

  1. Margie

    I live in California, and loading the wineries just so I can enter one on my passport takes way too long. It may have worked while I was traveling in wine country, but I didn’t have the app then.

    1. Scott

      First off, thank you for all the comments on Winery Passport. As the creator of the app, a lot of work has gone into it and your feedback is what allows us to get better!

      Margie – I agree. It does take a while. I am testing out a few options to bring that load time down. We’ll get there! Keep an eye out for a future release.


    2. Stefano Post author

      Thank you, Margie, for your comment and for providing useful user feedback!

      And thank you, Scott (who, BTW, is the developer of the app) for addressing Margie’s comment getting back to her so promptly: your input and swift user support is much appreciated!

  2. Dina

    A lot of work obviously went into this, Stefano, thanks a lot for sharing this new app! It sounds great for anyone planning to visit America. Unfortunately it’s not on our list at the moment, but I have saved the info, you never know… 🙂
    Love and sunshine greetings from England

  3. Just Add Attitude

    This sound like a cool app if you are a wine lover and visiting an area in America that you are not familiar with. I am sure some wineries are better sign-posted than others so the GPS feature could be very useful.

    Enjoy your weekend Stefano. 😉

    1. Stefano Post author

      Thank you, B: I agree, I also think this app may save a lot of time googling wineries all over the place and, just like you said, also helping you out when you are on the road.
      Enjoy what remains of the weekend, too! 🙂

  4. talkavino

    I’m missing the whole idea of “stamping of the passport” and then sharing that information on FB etc. – but then it might be just my age…

    1. Stefano Post author

      Hehe, I am afraid I would be the worst person to ask as I am (as you know) neither on FB nor on Twitter! 🙂 Anyway, regardless of the stamping thing, I think the whole idea is being able to share your ratings and notes about the wineries you visit on FB and I can see value for that – or at least I think I do! 😉
      Regardless, personally what I like the most about this app is the interactive, searchable winery DB: pretty powerful and handy tool.