A catering event and Nemo: what more could you ask for?

A client's 50th birthday party catered by Flora's Table

Tomato BruschettaDo you remember Nemo? No, not the adorable clownfish from the famous Disney movie but the major blizzard (with record amount of snowfall) that hit certain areas of the East Coast (including ours!) the second weekend of February?

Well, needless to say, that weekend, we were supposed to cater a dinner party for 22 guests in Fairfield County, Connecticut… The occasion? The 50th birthday of the husband of the hostess. Everything had to be perfect and the planning was going really smoothly until we saw the weather forecast at the beginning of that week. It was national alert all over the news and the governors of the States and the mayors of the towns on Nemo’s way were urging people to get ready to face the storm and, above all, to stay home. Not exactly the ideal situation to host a party…

Penne alla VodkaYou can only imagine all the phone calls, emails, text messages (along with the emotional distress) that my client and I exchanged before, during and after the storm! Many important decisions had to be made in a short timeframe. To make a long story short, willingness and collaboration made it possible to have the party on Sunday night and everybody seemed to have a really great time!

Now that Spring is around the corner (hopefully at least… it’s been such a long and cold winter!) and Nemo is just a memory, I thought I would share with you photographs of some of the food that we served at that birthday party. Of course, these pictures have not been taken during the actual party because it would not have been appropriate for us to take pictures while on a job, but this is some of the food that got served.

Hope you enjoy it as much as our client and her guests did!  🙂

Francesca's Chicken MarsalaFrancesca's Tiramisu

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0 thoughts on “A catering event and Nemo: what more could you ask for?

  1. alisitaliankitchen

    Strangest thing, as I have always wanted to have a catering service with lots of good Italian food for EMT’S in a natural disaster such as Nemo. My brother is an EMT and avalanche control consultant and we always laugh about an Italian food booth for the resure personal as they serve 24/7 during these events! This was a very refreshing blog and I may have to copy!

  2. Jane

    What gorgeous looking food, I bet it tastes even better then it looks! What great photos with colorful spring flowers. I agree with you, I hope Spring is on its’ way, this has been a long Winter in Pittsburgh, PA, too.

  3. Just Add Attitude

    Oh gosh Francesca that must have been a seriously stressful week. Your food presentation and flower arrangements are lovely, you have a wonderful eye for detail. Well done, I hope you had time to rest on the Monday after the event.

  4. apuginthekitchen

    Francesca, the photo’s are gorgeous, the food looks amazing and despite the record snow and frigid temps you and Stefano pulled it off. Congratulations, and I am certain the guests were in love with the great food and I am sure wine that was served them.

  5. ChgoJohn

    Take that, Nemo! So glad that the party went on, in spite of the storm. Such a nice way to celebrate a 50th birthday. If these dishes taste half as good as they look, Francesca, they were sure to please even the most critical of guests. I’m sure that both hostess and birthday boy were very happy with the dinner you prepared and served.