OT: The Mind's Cabin, An Intellectually Stimulating New Blog

Just like our headline goes, we thought it would be worthwhile briefly veering off topic  to pay homage to and give our readers heads up about a newborn blog by the name of The Mind’s Cabin which we have been following since inception, enjoying every minute we spent on it.

The Mind’s Cabin is the creation of Anonymous Host, a Nemo of the blogosphere (just to make things clear: by that we don’t allude to the Disney fish, but the name that Odysseus gave of himself to the Cyclops Polyphemos in the Odissey) who masterfully combines a little mystery and lots of wit and intellectually stimulating ideas in the cyber outlet that he has chosen to share and express his views on life and the world in general.

We think it’s definitely worth taking a look and participating in the discussion. You can check it out at: http://themindscabin.wordpress.com/

Happy reading!

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0 thoughts on “OT: The Mind's Cabin, An Intellectually Stimulating New Blog

    1. Stefano Post author

      Hi AH!
      You are most welcome: Francesca and I really love your blog and are always looking forward to reading your posts. It is a wonderful place to hang out and spend some time in the company of a gracious (anonymous) host! 🙂 So, we thought it was just right helping spread the word about it a little bit.
      Please also pass our thanks on to your wife for reading us: greatly appreciated!
      Take care,