Restaurant Mini-Review: Timé, Milan (Italy)

In keeping with the general topic of Flora’s Table (great food and great wine), we will occasionally post mini-reviews of restaurants (mostly Italian) that one or more of us have personally tried out and found truly awesome!

My first mini-review will be of Timé, one of my absolute favorite Italian restaurants in Milan, Italy. Timé has a minimalist-trendy look and yet a cozy feel and is located at Via San Marco, 5, in the hip Brera district in Milan. You can get their full contact information and more from Timé’s website.

The restaurant is impeccably run by courteous manager/hostess Patrizia and commendably varies the dishes on its menu on a monthly basis, adapting to the season changes and showcasing the latest creations of their talented chef. The cuisine that he proposes is traditional Italian dishes which he inventively revisits by adding an unexpected twist. Dishes are incredibly flavorful and composed with eye-pleasing aesthetics. Although you can’t go wrong with anything you pick from their menu, their risotto creations are always worth trying out and so are their creamy chickpea soup with shrimp tartare, duck ragout fettuccine or rabbit-based dishes.

Service is quick and courteous and prices are reasonable, at least for Milan standards. The only area that, in my view, has room for improvement is their wine list, which offers just a few options for both whites and reds (although these include some noteworthy bottles) and could therefore benefit from some more variety.

If you happen to be in Milan, make sure to stop by Timé for lunch or dinner as I am certain you will not be disappointed. Oh, and if you do, please make sure to share your experience with us all by leaving a comment here!

Disclaimer: All our restaurant reviews are independently made without the owners or managers of the restaurants knowing about it before they get published and we do not have any interest in nor do we derive any benefit from any of the restaurants we review. We just want to share with our readers our experience at certain specific restaurants that just left us in awe.

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