The Dawn of My Italian Cooking Blog

Flowers have been one of my passions my whole life. I was so into them that one July of a few years ago I took off from the gray Milan skies to attend a flower arrangement course in London (where the sky by the way wasn’t unfortunately any bluer!) When my teacher asked me what my goals were attending the course, I answered that I was there to learn any imaginable flower arrangement. She looked at me and said: “I can only teach you the basics… the rest is up to your creativity”. I treasured the concept and found it was so very true in many industries, including food. So, when I decided that I wanted to hone my cooking skills, I started from the bottom: I signed up for a basic Italian cooking course in Milan, and then I worked my way up from there, all the way to a restaurant management course.

I don’t have pretensions to teach anyone anything: I would just like to pass on some of the knowledge and skills that I have gained in my learning process. The real “secret ingredient”, creativity, is totally up to you to discover!

Since you got to start somewhere, the first recipe is that of the béchamel sauce, a French mother sauce which is the basis of many Italian recipes (such as lasagne!)  By learning how to make béchamel, you will master one of the building blocks that going forward you will need, or want, to incorporate into many delicious dishes of the Italian cuisine repertoire.

Now, quoting the great Elvis: “a little less conversation, a little more action please!” Let’s get to it, shall we?  🙂

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0 thoughts on “The Dawn of My Italian Cooking Blog

  1. Francesca Post author

    I promise I won’t tell. 😉 Yes, she was a wise woman. A bit harsh maybe but when she was handling the flowers to create an arrangement, she was as gentle as an angel. I liked her a lot (I like harsh personalities!) and I have wonderful memories of her.

  2. Dina

    Hi Francesca,
    I love the idea of “I can only teach you the basics… the rest is up to your creativity”. Very inspiring words and so true. It’s nice to be here at the beginning of your fabulous blog (great image, Stefano!), you’ve gone a long way since then. 🙂
    Happy cooking and blogging and thank you so much for the last quote, I pinch it, but don’t tell anyone! 🙂
    Big hug, Dina xo